About Us

An extensive range of the finest naturally cured olive varieties
Amazing olives products like pitted and sliced olives, and the delicious olive paté.
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Aged Wine Vinegars
Delicious appetizers, spreads and sauces.









SAPOUNAS & Co. S.A. is a traditional firm exporting olives to many countries since 1921. Founded in the early years of the 20th century by Sapounas Brothers, the company soon became one of the dynamic and reliable olive-exporting firms in Greece.

Over the years, the famous "Pelion Brand" olives have reached almost every corner of the planet. Australia and New Zealand, the U.S.A. and Canada, Latin America Countries, European Union and former Yugoslavia countries, Egypt and The Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Singapore are already familiar with our quality products. Big chains of super markets worldwide, and Duty Free Shops in Greece and other countries have listed our products in recent years.

Our customers expect and receive the best quality of product available at reasonable prices. Our meticulous care in every step of processing and packing is a guarantee for total customer satisfaction.

Today, Sapounas & Co. S.A. offers and extensive range of the finest table olives, special olive mixes, the delicious olive spread (paté), extra-virgin olive oils, aged wine vinegars, gorgeous sauces and relishes from the Greek countryside.

Our products are prepared to the highest standards, using only the best natural ingredients. Free of any artificial preservatives, they are produced to traditional recipes but comply strictly with the current E.C. directives. Since 1921 when we first entered the international markets, we have come to believe the true value of the saying, "when prices are forgotten, quality is always remembered".