SAPOUNAS & Co. S.A.  is a traditional firm exporting natural olives to many countries all over the world since 1921. Founded in the early years of the 20th Century by Sapounas Brothers, the company soon became one of the most dynamic and reliable olive-exporting firms in Greece.

  Over the years, the famous “Pelion” brand olives have reached almost every corner of the planet. Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, Latin America countries, European Union and Balkan countries, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, etc. are already familiar with our quality products. Big chains of super markets and Duty Free Shops in Greece and other countries have listed our products since the early 1990s. Even Moscow’s Kremlin is exclusively enjoying our premium quality Organic ExtraVirgin Olive Oil!



 Our customers expect and receive the best quality of product available at reasonable prices. Our meticulous care in every step of processing and packing is a guarantee for total customer satisfaction. The “Pelion” brand olives, handpicked and carefully selected, naturally processed, finely graded and packed, are cherished by the world’s connoisseurs for their quality and exceptional taste. Our Company is very much concentrated on the matter of Quality and Safety of its products. The whole production and packing procedure complies to all European and International Food Safety and Hygiene legislative regulations and is accredited with ISO 22000 (including HACCP) Certification.

 Since 1921 when we first entered the international markets, we have come to believe the true value of the saying, “when prices are forgotten, quality is always remembered”.

Today, SAPOUNAS & Co. S.A. offers an extensive range of the finest table olives, special olive mixes, delicious olive spreads (paté), extra-virgin olive oil, aged wine vinegars with wild herbs, sun-dried tomatos, gorgeous sauces and relishes from the Greek countryside, under our own “Pelion” brand label. New launches of Organic products such as Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Wild Teas from Monastery territory and Mountain Honey enrich our products list. Most of our products are offered in both catering and delicatessen shelf-packs. Private label packs can be produced after certain agreements with our customers.


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SAPOUNAS & Co. S.A. is very much concentrated on the matter of Quality and Safety of its products. The total process and packing procedure complies to all national and international food safety and hygiene legislative regulations.

The company is certified by the following quality assurance and management systems:

– ISO 22000:2005 (including HACCP)

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