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Organic Honey 380g

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Organic Tea Melittis
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Organic Tea Calamint
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Organic Tea Melittis
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Organic Tea Calamint
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Since 1593, in a dense forest of Mount Pelion in East Central Greece stands the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Flamouri. Founded by St. Symeon the Barefoot and Single-Coated, Flamouri still presides over this blessed land. The few monks who man Flamouri today work hard to keep this monastery alive and self-sufficient. Among their many daily duties they find some time to collect from the high slopes of the mountain some unique types of herbal tea and dark bee honey. We aid the tireless monks by packing these precious products in our state-of-the-art factory under ideal conditions, and distribute them to our well-informed clients who treasure them for their organic origin and high nutritional values.